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Guidelines to Authors

Authors are requested to follow some guidelines while sending their articles

  1. Articles must be prepared in editable Micro Soft word format and should be sent to editorpopkheti@gmail.com as an email attachment for reviewing and suggested modification. After recommendation by the concerned editor, the article should be sent to popularkheti@gmail.com for publication.
  2. Article should not exceed 2000 words; however it may exceeds the limit if necessary to complete the sentence but not more than 2500 words in any case.
  3. Title should be short and informative of the content with 14 font size of bold times new roman
  4. Complete addresses of all authors should be given below the title with 12 font size of times new roman and email of corresponding author must be given after the addressees with 11 font size of bold times new roman.
  5. The text should be clear, giving complete details of the article in simple English. It should contain summary of the article, short introduction and complete methodology and results. Authors must draw conclusions of their articles at last.  Abbreviation should be written in full at first time. Scientific names and technical nomenclature must be accurate. Tables, figures and photographs should be relevant and appropriately placed with captions among the texts.
  6. Most importantly all authors must sign a article certificate describing their role in the article and taking responsibility of all disputes if arises from their contents in the article.


Check out points before submission of an article

Authors are requested to check following points before submission of their articles to Popular Kheti.

1. All authors name with affiliation have been given below title of article
2. Email of corresponding author has been given
3. Highlights in the form of summary has been given at the beginning of the article. In summary what your article says about is mentioned.
4. Introduction, material methods, results & discussion or general texts with headings have been given where figures, graphs and tables are placed at appropriate places with captions and sources.
5. At last author must conclude his/her article, where he/she has to write finally what he/she wants to say to the farming community through his/her article. 
6. Lastly, reference if used should be in order format of the Magazine.

Please note that articles without summary at the start and without conclusion at the last will not be entertained.

Preference would be given to technological papers with practical applicability than mere theoretical papers.