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Message to All Members of Popular Kheti & Kisaan Kheti

Esteemed Members

(Authors & Editors)

Popular Kheti & Kisaan Kheti magazines,


It is universal truth that one day, one moment of time; every one of us has to go back to our supreme father. Now when will come that moment? Nobody knows in his/her normal life. God only knows when the last breath ends. It is also true that nobody has a free will in this mortal world, if it was not so, we would have gotten all jobs done according to our will, in time and at our desires, but it is not so therefore, nothing is in our hand. This forces towards main objective of human birth and slowly gets away from secondary and accessory worldly tasks. Many of tasks therefore remained incomplete in such situation and this way expectation from one remained unfulfilled. We hereby write this note with request that please do not have any expectation from us to complete everything in time. This world and all its jobs are imperfect and will always remain imperfect. Our job to run this publication is also a part of the imperfection and there is no surety of fulfilling your expectation. It is better to leave any expectation from anyone and try to live free from all expectations.  If there is no expectation, there will be no hurt.  Forget past for cleanness, live present for betterment but remember tomorrow for alertness (alertness of universal truth). We heartily apologize to whom their articles could not be included in Popular Kheti or Kisaan Kheti due to any of reasons.      

We are bottom heartily grateful to each and every one of your goodself for your valuable contribution in various forms and suggestions for improvement of the magazines by submitting articles, editing, reviewing, reading and giving mass market appeal for its wide spread popularity among farming community through various means. An unbound word of gratitude ushers for all who directly or indirectly played support to reach this mission at this stage.

We are unable to withstand any expectation even though trying to perform by the grace of the almighty.

Once again thanks lot to one and all for all help and supports.

With profound regards,


Popular Kheti & Kisaan Kheti

(Online e-magazines of agriculture)

Desert Farm, Siyanda, shergarh, Jodhpur



Articles written in Hindi language are invited for publication in magazine 'Kisaan Kheti'

Team of Popular Kheti has initiated, as it was in demand from members since long time that articles should also be published in Hindi language, therefore Kisaan Kheti a separate magazine for articles written in Hindi language is being step up which is being published by a farmer of desert area of western Rajasthan. The magazine is available online at www.kisaankheti.com . For more information please visit the website .